Are you almost where you want to be with your business and your life?

Are your passions and goals almost being met?

We’re here to help you get rid of that “almost”.

You’re following your dreams. You’re living your passion. And you’re starting to see the results of doing what you love.

But sometimes those early successes come with a serving of self-doubt and fear, and suddenly you find yourself inching along at a snail’s pace – or worse, stopped in your tracks.

No one can be at their best when they’re fighting themselves every step of the way. But everyone does it. It’s perfectly normal.

It’s perfectly normal, sure – but it’s not okay.

Why be your toughest opponent when you can be your strongest supporter instead?

That’s where our Twelve-week Soulful Money Masterclass comes in.

Since opening the class to select small groups, we’ve helped over a hundred people whose inner voices and fears were sneakily sabotaging their success.

A hundred smart, driven, passionate people just like you who are now embracing their dreams and goals and living life without fear, doubt or those niggling negative voices.

Our Soulful Money Masterclass is all about helping you do away with your inner saboteur so you can find and embrace your best self – building the inner wealth that you need before the outer wealth can follow.

“I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck before I started to understand that I needed direction and to reach out for help.I found Ryan through a series of free videos and tons of fantastic information and when he offered a 6 week course I jumped at it , loved it, continued with 12 week and now onto the Soulful Money masterclass Elite course and have found it has helped me overcome my limiting beliefs,opened me to receiving, balance my feminine and masculine energy and be safe to receive this evergrowing business of Isagenix to give me the time and money freedom I so crave!! I am so forever grateful and recommend this program to everyone I know!! Thankyou so..”

~ Melinda Fletcher Joyce :

Twelve weeks to transform your business – and your life.

“This program has changed not only my business life but my personal life as well. Words can not express how grateful I am for Ryan, Kris, and this wonderful program have transformed my business. I have had more success and growth in the last 3 months than I have had in the previous 2 years. If you are looking to transform and grow your business I would highly recommend signing up today. BEST decision I ever made!”

~ Charla Chavers :

Over twelve intensive, immersive weeks we’ll help you focus on building your freedom from the inside out.

Through mentoring, coaching, action steps and more we’ll help you unhook yourself from the lingering fears and doubting voices that have been holding you back.

Once you’ve identified and dealt with those internal stumbling blocks, those external stumbling blocks start to fall away. You’ll be amazed – and overjoyed – at how quickly things can fall into place.

Just imagine if you no longer had to worry about the following:

  • Struggling to earn and attract more money into your life!
  • Procrastinating in your business or life and not getting ahead!
  • Comparing yourself to other people and wondering what’s the matter with you!
  • Making just enough money to get by and pay the bills!
  • Fearing people will judge or reject you for sharing your true self!

Sound too good to be true? That’s just your inner negative voice talking – the very inner voice that our program is designed to help you deal with!

Let’s replace “almost” with “definitely” – and see just how good things can be.


“After making the decision to leave my corporate job and start a career as a personal trainer a couple of years ago, I’ve been trying to find ways to build my business. The Soulful Money Masterclass taught me what has been holding me back with building my business. I’ve learned how to reach out to new people using my own authentic voice and come from a place of love and service. Ryan and Kris have helped me boost my confidence and skyrocket my business!”

~ Cassie Wright, Personal Trainer

Just think: you’re already experiencing some success even while fighting with your inner fears and concerns. That means that you have what it takes – you have that inner calling that keeps you pushing forward despite it all.

Just imagine how things could be if you took those fears and concerns out of the equation entirely.

You’ll be free to be the best you can be – confident, assertive, creative, passionate and successful.

You’ll get up every morning excited to see what the day will bring, and you’ll go to bed knowing that you’re doing exactly what you want to do – and living the life that you love.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Let’s get started on getting rid of those “almosts” and saying goodbye to that inner saboteur.

Join us on our Twelve-week Soulful Money Masterclass and let’s help you get the results that we all know you deserve.


“Through social media I found Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton, felt connected to them in a real way, and realized that their approach to building an online business was not only authentic, but was financially effective. The Masterclass was concise, direct, and a wonderful balance of inner work and strategy. Ryan and Kris are real life success stories who have loads of personality, sincerity, and wisdom to share. I love you both long time!”

~ Morgan Barkus :

Program Overview

Month One

Money Block Breakthrough

Flip Your Fear By Creating A Step-By-Step Plan To Make More Money Working From Home

  • Learn how to set goals and achieve them. Stop playing small and get empowered to design the life you want for 2017.
  • Learn a simple step-by-step process to increase your earning power and confidence to take your business to the next level.
  • Get clear how to flip your negative or limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Sign-up more people you love to work with!
“The SMM has impacted my life in so many ways. It has provided me with the tools to take my business to the next level and really dig deep, face my fears and breakthrough to the success I was looking for. My business and personal relationships have flourished. I am more at ease, my time management has improved and I have clear direction and intent with my goals. I’ve been able to take action in my business and personal life, making profound changes. Ryan and Kris have an incredible method of coaching, they are personal, authentic and truly help people reach their highest potential. I highly recommend their program to anyone looking to make change in their life, in all aspects. I am partnered with a Health & Wellness Company. They focus on fostering incredible health and wealth opportunities for people to transform their lives physically and financially. “

~ Coryn Pawliw :

Month Two

Cash Flow Connection

Expand Your Influence And Reach By Building Your Inner and Outer Wealth

  • Feel confident turning your “mess” into your “message” to impact more lives and earn more money. Expand your influence.
  • Boost your confidence by flipping your negative self-talk to empowering positive self-talk. Increase your earning power.
  • Learn business skills to increase your influence and attract more money. Learn how to get into the flow of receiving money.
“After joining my MLM I quickly recognized the skills and experiences I had in corporate were NOT going to serve me well in this new, dynamic industry. From the moment I first heard Ryan Yokome in a video, I felt the “click.” He and Kris Britton are simply top-shelf to work with; the experience I’ve had working with them has been transformative, powerful and amazing. They take the practice of business to a whole new, spiritual and empowered level that allows your soul to breathe again and take flight. If you are considering working with them, I highly recommend DOING IT NOW. Don’t wait a second. The experience will rock your world in the most powerful, beautiful way.”

~ Brandy Hansen

Month Three

Contact, Invite & Close

Feel More Confident Helping Inspiring People Get Started With Your Business To Make More Money And A Bigger Difference,

  • Build your network and lean on the FB community as you take bold risks with growing your business. Also establish key contacts!
  • Break-free from deflecting money and get public with your vision and message. Build your business through the power of video.
  • Learn a step-by-step process to contact, invite and close more people into your business the authentic way.


“I was introduced to MLM 3 years ago & I have struggled from day 1. I have always been told that I had what it took, but it took Ryan & Kris to peel apart the layers so that my true colors could start to shine. I have always kept my “safe” 9-5 job even though I knew I was made for so much more. The Masterclass was perfect in every way. Through love & understanding Ryan & Kris guide you through discovering yourself again & help you pave the path for future growth & prosperity. You two have impacted my life in such a huge way & my deepest gratitude goes out to you. Our meeting was not by mere chance or luck but one of divine arrangement. You guys will always have a special place I my heart. I can’t wait for what the future holds.”

~ Amber Mowery :

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“Not only has Ryan taught me so much about starting my own business, he has also helped me learn alot about myself; how to overcome fear, how to build up my confidence and how to learn to love things about myself that I thought were negative. He has also taught me how to shine my authentic self into my business. It is great to have someone hold you accountable and be there for support, brainstorming or when you need a pep talk. His enthusiasm is contagious even when you are nervous about starting your own business. He helps you deal with your insecurities and continue to move forward. There is no way I could be where I am today without Ryan. I highly recommend working with him!”

~ Kara Bligh :

What You Get Inside

Getting Started:

As soon as you enroll you will receive:

– Access to your private FB supportive community.

– Your live call details and self-study Soulful Money Masterclass modules.


Monthly LIVE Breakthrough Q&A Trainings

  • Get access to a LIVE Zoom Group Q&A Money Breakthrough Training every month.

  • Get access to a Facebook LIVE Money Mindset Training every month.

12 One Hour Recorded Q&A Breakthrough Coaching Calls

  • Week 1: Manifesting Your Goals and Vision

  • Week 2: Money Block Break Through

  • Week 3: Integration Week – Ask Away Q&A

  • Week 4: Ignite Your Gift Zone

  • Week 5: The Power Of Risk

  • Week 6: Embrace Your Voice of Trust

  • Week 7: Integration Week – Ask Away Q&A

  • Week 8: The Art of Receiving Money

  • Week 9: Shine Your Light!

  • Week 10: Ignite Your Social Media Connection

  • Week 11: Integration Week – Ask Away Q&A

  • Week 12: The Gift Of Acknowledgment & Celebration


9 Downloadable Coursework Booklets

Monthly Facebook LIVE Money Breakthrough Trainings


Supportive Online Community

You will get access to the Soulful Money Masterclass community filled with supportive and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Also 24/7 access to Ryan & Kris for coaching.

3 new people ebook


How To Attract 3 new People To Your Business In 14 Days eBook

Get the step-by-step plan that is getting people into major profit mode in their business by attracting their target market through Facebook {without paying for advertising}.


“The Soulful Money Masterclass opened my eyes, aligned my soul with my purpose and gave me the confidence to FINALLY see myself as a full-time entrepreneur. I was able to break down walls, face FEAR in the face and become comfortable and accepting with my life and the process of building. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met Kris and Ryan and how AMAZING the Soulful Money Masterclass was! THANK YOU!!!!”

~ Tasha Dugas Kaye :



9 Network Marketing Personality Masks

Discover your Network Marketing personality mask to experience a sense of complete freedom and connection to your purpose.


“I started in Network Marketing with my husband in May, 2014. I have been struggling with the voice in my head and fear of rejection and not being good enough to the point where our business was beginning to stall out. I met Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton through social media and felt a great connection with them. They really understand where we are coming from and what we need to achieve our goals. Our business has more than doubled and we rank advanced within our company in twelve weeks. I am so grateful to Ryan and Kris for helping me get out of my head and face my fears. Thank you guys!!!”

~ Cheryl McMurray :


Is this twelve week program live?

You will receive one LIVE Breakthrough Q&A Zoom Training with coaches, Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton. You will also receive a monthly Facebook LIVE training to transform your mindset around money! You’ll be added to a private Facebook group of likeminded people for more support and coaching. In addition you will receive a self-study guide to the 12-Week Soulful Money Masterclass modules.

How much support do I get through the program?

This community of likeminded people is rich, supportive and embody the passion to raise each other up! You have access and support to your coaches, Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton through the LIVE Q&A Breakthrough Zoom Training and also in the Facebook Group where you can ask question, get support and guidance and accountability.

This program is here to support you in your journey and get the results you desire and we’re here to support you the whole way!

How do I receive my Facebook and Zoom trainings?

All LIVE Q&A Breakthrough Zoom Trainings and Facebook LIVE trainings will be recorded. You will also have the self-study 12-Week Soulful Money Masterclass modules to access inside your community.

When are the live coaching calls scheduled for?

The LIVE Q&A Breakthrough Zoom Training is held the third Monday of every calendar month.

What if I can’t make a LIVE Q&A call?

Don’t worry. All of the LIVE Q&A Calls will be recorded and placed in the Facebook Group as soon as the call is over so you won’t miss anything! If you need to ask questions on topics we covered in the LIVE Q&A Call, just tag Ryan and Kris in the Facebook group and get the support you need.

How long do I get access to the 12 Week Soulful Money Masterclass for?

You get access to the community for twelve weeks. You can download all the coursework, audio recordings of the coaching calls and the training videos. Once the 12 weeks is over, you can use the material as a self-study.

Do I get personal support and coaching through the program?

Yes, your 1:1 support / coaching will happen on the LIVE Q&A calls as well as in the Facebook Community. Ryan and Kris are there with you as your support.

Do you have a question that was not answered here?

Email Ryan Yokome’s Executive Assistant, Brandi at and we’ll answer your questions!


“Before the Masterclass began I just couldn’t quite get it together and align everything in order to make progress in all areas of my life. I tried and tried to get to the next level but something was just missing. The SMM class brought to the surface what my blocks are as well as taught and encouraged me to deal with my fears and work through them rather than around them. The accountability of being in a group environment made a huge difference for me in completing the tasks suggested to make progress. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking to advance or revamp their life and business.”

~ Naomi Wycherley :

About Ryan & Kris

Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. Ryan is the creator of the Soul Wealth Method and co-creator of the School of Soul Wealth and the Soulful Money Masterclass along side his fiancé Kris Britton. Kris Britton is a certified Life Coach, blogger and creator of

Ryan and Kris help coaches, network marketers, and entrepreneurs stop worrying and start living by awakening the immense courage that resides deep within themselves. With an innovative and unique coaching process, their clients are guided to live their passion by overcoming their limitations and stepping into their brilliance.

Ryan and Kris have helped over 100 people reach five- to six-figure incomes working from home through their mentorship. They provides an inner map for incredible transformation to unlock people’s purpose, meaning, and passion in their lives.


“This program is the lifeblood of my business. Not only has my business expanded, but my personal life and relationships have been positively affected as well. The coaching that Ryan and Kris bring to you during the 12 weeks is outstanding and helps all areas of your life. I highly recommend this to all my team and am always looking forward to the knowledge I gain from them! I work with a health and wellness company focusing on weight loss, athletic performance, and healthy aging. “

~ Jessica Beckerdite :

Ready To Join The Party?!

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Full-Access VIP Registration:


Reserve your spot for the Soulful Money Masterclass – and start your money mindset transformation!


“Ever since we had our first call with Ryan, we were hooked, his sense of humour and authenticity are very refreshing, we met Kris through the original SMM 6 week course, together they have created a superior coaching course. This has done more then increase our buiness, this has enriched our lives. The personal growth that my wife and I have experienced is incredible and a lot of that has to do with the weekly calls with these two awesome coaches. We also enrolled in the 12 week course which recently wrapped up and now we are about to start the elite program that Ryan and Kris are starting up. If you’re looking for a couple of super awesome coaches look no further because you have found them and we’re happy to say we also found two great friends.”

~ Trevor McMurray


“Ryan is brilliant. Even when I’m resistant, he has a way of digging beneath my actions (or inaction) to deconstruct my patterns that are holding me back. He’s shined light on my fears and helped me heal them. I’m learning to embrace all of myself, and bring that to my clients and coaching. Within my first week of coaching with Ryan alone, I produced more action in my business and life than I had in over a year. I really cannot speak highly enough about your coaching and the impact it is having in all areas of my life Ryan – THANK YOU!!!”

~ Brittany Brown :

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